Music focused freestyle techniques class fusing hip hop and contemporary practices.

Dance like everyone is watching.

SUNDAYS at Ryan Heffington’s The Sweat Spot 3-4:30 pm sign up for class

Every class, Amy O leads students through a creative process to sharpen their ability to listen and respond to patterns and grooves, communicate these ideas with other dancers, and prepare them to be witnessed in the cypher, or the circle. All styles of dancer are welcome as the exercises given can be interpreted aesthetically by the individual.

Founded by Amy O’Neal in 2016 after many years of development, The Rhythm Assembly synergizes philosphies of street dance values and practices and contemporary dance explorations. As a hybrid dance artist participating equally in hip hop and street dance culture and contemporary dance performance, Amy acknowledges and honors the cultural heritage of Hip Hop history, people, ritual, community values, and technical drills in this class. The class is about cultivating the individual’s ability to dance for dance’s sake, to dance for one’s life, and to grow through community exchange.