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“Amy O'Neal detonates across the stage.”

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About Amy

Amy O’Neal is a versatile dancer, performer, choreographer, and dance educator with one foot firmly planted in Hip Hop and Street Dance culture and the other in Contemporary Performance Practices. She is passionate about the intersection of these worlds and how they connect energetically and philosophically, while honoring their cultural differences.  For fifteen years, she has taught and performed throughout the US, Japan, Italy, and Mexico, and she has choreographed for stage, commercials, rock shows, galleries, dance films and music videos.   Her work is an amalgam of her diverse movement and life experiences presenting social commentary with dark humor and heavy beats.

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March 11, 2015

I Told You So: The Dance Cartel Show at Velocity was Unbelievably Good

The Stranger Melody Datz Hansen “On Friday night, The Dance Cartel was joined by local choreographer Amy O’Neal and comedian/musician/hair legend Reggie Watts. Watts beat-boxed and sang as O’Neal moved around the dance floor in a series of B-boy steps, balletic leg extensions, and mesmerizing rhythm. As her solo drew to a close, O’Neal licked […]

February 26, 2015

Opposing Forces Documentary Part 1

Tiny Rage & Seago Entertainment Present: Opposing Forces Documentary Part 1: A behind the scenes look at the creation of an original dance performance featuring 5 Male B-Boys led by 1 Female Choreographer/Director following them from their first rehearsal to the performance premiere. Part 2: (In Development) Kyle Seago will follow the Opposing Forces crew […]