“Aside from being technically impressive and downright humorous and a hell of a show, it was also emotionally affecting.”

Mathew Korfhage, Willamette Weekly, 2009

Choreography, concept, cinematography by Amy O’Neal
Performed by: Amy O’Neal and Ellie Sandstrom
Music: Ivory Smith (part 1) and Ollie Glatzer (part 2)
Video Editing: Michele Witten
Lighting Design: Ben Zamora

Premier: T:BA Festival Portland, OR Sept. 7-8, 2009
Seattle Premiere: Live at the Film Forum- Seattle, WA March 25-27 2010

Supported by the Mayors Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs

too is an ecstatic interplay of live and recorded movement choreographed and directed by Amy O’Neal. too is performed by dancers Amy O’Neal and Ellie Sandstrom and is presented in two parts. The duo interacts with strangers, friends, acquaintances in a cut and paste dance of physical extremes. Drawing inspiration from the rural/urban divide, karaoke, and Japanese love hotels, too ruminates on our increasing desire and preference for virtual contact instead of human to human contact. too is an attempted mimicry of memory, an attempt to keep up with the challenges of contemporary life, and an attempt at dance karaoke. The performers have to watch a monitor of the video the whole time in order to keep up with what is going on.

Previously filmed duets across the US and Japan include on-screen performances by Reggie Watts, Tommy Smith, Melanie Kloetzel, Kathleen Hermesdorf, David Dorfman, Sarah Gamblin, Corrie Befort, Lane Czaplinski, Sara Edwards, John Paulson, and many more.


“too leaves one with the desire to maybe grab the hand of the person waiting patiently next to you in the elevator, and spin them around–it feels like it might be a better way to say something, sometimes.”

TBA Blog, 2009

“I found the performance to be both energetic and intriguing. The interplay between live dance and video was thoughtful and by no means a gimmick.”

Neighborhood Notes, Portland, OR 2009