There is no Other


 There is no Other was commissioned by Mills Repertory Company while Amy was Guest Artist in Residence in the Dance Department at Mills College in Oakland CA for the Fall 2015 Semester.

The work explores gender binaries and racial stereotypes in movement and the performers personal embracing or rejecting of them.  This exploration brings into focus ways in which we are trained to see those who are different than ourselves.

Premiere: November 2015
Mills College Oakland, CA

Additional performances:

Berkeley Art Museum and Film Archive (invited by SALTA Collective) Berkeley, CA  March 2016

Choreography: Amy O’Neal in collaboration with the dancers
Dancers: Raul Avina, Stephanie Hewett, Erik Lee, Sofia Klein, Hailey Glicker, Abigail Mytych
Music: Shabazz Palaces (used with permission from the artists)
Lighting Design: Elizabeth McSurdy
Styling: Amy O