“reflect/defect was hot! The music was off the Richtor Scale!”

Rennie Harris


Premiere: April 2003, Northwest New Works Festival, On the Boards, Seattle WA  and Bumbershoot Festival, September 2003
Concept and direction: Zeke Keeble and Amy O’Neal
Performers: Amy O’Neal, Zeke Keeble, and Ellie Sandstrom
Choreography and video: Amy O’Neal
Music: Zeke Keeble
Lighting design: Julie Keenan
Styled by:
Amy O’Neal

is a dance/music/video work inspired by human compensation for anxiety and what we perceive to be “defective” about ourselves.  The things we do to make ourselves feel better are often funny and very tragic.  We are creatures of manic excess. We wear faces that say we are fine while we freak out internally.  Keeble’s live and recorded, kinesthetically charged score (with drumset and electronic effects pedals) that is driving, cinematic, and at times, whimsical, both accompanies and directs the course of action.