Off the Grid


Off the Grid is a dance film created by AmyO/tinyrage.

What would post electricity dance look like if we were somehow forced to live rurally with all of this urban experience and influence? Sprung from this question, “Off the Grid” is an aesthetic exploration of the rural and urban divide.  Six dancers deal with the mysterious influence of environment.

Choreography and Direction: AmyO/tinyrage
Cinematography: Gabriel Bienczycki
Music: M83
Editing: Gabriel Bienczycki and Amy O’Neal
Dancers:  Jessie Smith, Alice Gosti, Devin McDermott, Jenny Peterson, Heather Stockton, and Nadia Lasonsky.

Shot on location at Smoke Farm in Arlington, WA
Public screening premiere: December 12th Northwest Film Forum, Seattle WA



Off the Grid