Citizen Dance


Cal Performances presents Citizen Dance, a celebration of the multitudes of people that dance throughout the UC Berkeley campus every day. Featuring student performers from the UC Berkeley Dance Community, Citizen Dance simultaneously showcases original dance at three campus locations over a single hour, each presenting a different way to create, view and think about dance. Created by students with hip hop/street/contemporary choreographer Amy O’Neal and under the musical direction of classical, jazz, and funk-inspired hip hop artist Kev Choice, Citizen Dance will also express the emotional tenor of the current UC Berkeley undergraduate dancers, including addressing themes of anxiety and invisibility.

Who is Citizen Dance?

You are! At each location, secret content, integral to the experience of each dance, is unlocked by the free Citizen Dance app. The Citizen Dance App includes content about the creation of the performance, the dance groups and individuals.

How will you participate? How will you listen, see, and be part of the work?

Are you ready?

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National Dance Week
April 22, 2016

The Wallace Foundation awarded Cal Performances, part of the UC Berkeley campus, a grant to create this large performance event. Amy O’Neal led the event as Choreographic Architect.  Citizen Dance creates a unique platform for student empowerment and aims to become an annual Cal Performances event. Amy recruited dancers, designed the structure of this large scale event, wrote the creative content for the Citizen Dance App, collaborated with dancers on performance content, and worked with the music director – Oakland’s very own, Kev Choice. Participants included members from the UC Berkeley Dance Community’s 29 self organized dance crews, clubs, teams, companies, dance majors, and other dance loving students.