Review of Amy O’s performance at No Side Now in Los Angeles

August 19, 2017

“With mind-blowing skill, O’Neal captured the full gamut of dance. She moved seamlessly between balletic effervescence and technical jazz — Broadway hallmarks. She even presented a subtle encapsulation of post-modern and flowed right into isolation, hip-hop and breaking.

Her movements coupled with her black clothing made O’Neal serpentine — a black cord of energy traversing different landscapes.” Melina Paris, Random Length News

Amy performed a solo interpretation of her last evening length work Opposing Forces at Grand Performances in Los Angeles in an evening of dance curated by Los Angeles Performance Practices called No Side Now. The evening included work by Milka Djordevich, Michaela Taylor/The TL Collective, and d. Sabela Grimes.

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Amy O’Neal performs new solo in Los Angeles

July 06, 2017

Amy O’Neal is performing a new solo work in No Side Now, an evening presenting 4 LA based dance artists whose work abandon boundaries . Grand Performances August 4th 2017. Curated by Los Angeles Performance Practice.

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Amy O’Neal and d.Sabela Grimes collaborate for Dance Magazine

July 06, 2017

Physically multi-lingual dance artists, Amy O’Neal and d. Sabela Grimes, worked to bring a complex conversation to the July 2017 issue of Dance Magazine with a 1200 word count limit.

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“as they marked the floor pristine with sweat, what I was seeing seemed less and less like a performance, and more like an intimate confession, something closer to the truth about what it’s like to feel pressured to be a man, when that word is defined narrowly”