Amy O work featured in Intiman Theatre Festival

July 29, 2013

Amy O choreographed three dances for Lysistrata, directed by Sheila Daniels, as part of the Intiman Theatre Festival. The show, written by Aristophanes, and originally performed in classical Athens in 411 BC, has landed in modern times with much acclaim. The Seattle Times writes: “Just go with it, and accept that flaming female hotties garbed like Vegas showgirls are waging this battle of the sexes. They’re urged to join the crusade started by the firebrand Lysistra. Played with vigor and charisma by Shontina Vernon, Lysistrata has the right stuff to convert trash-talkin’, sexed-up babes to (temporary) abstinence.”

“The Intiman has taken this classic Anti-War story and amped it up to 11 making it resonate with modern sensibilities and given it a hard hitting ending that you won’t soon forget…Daniels and el-Gasseir have brilliantly reworked this ancient text and made it ring true for current events.” (

The show continues through September 2013 with performances weekly.
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