Velocity Artist in Residence Update

June 20, 2011

Almost half way through the year.  Wow. Time.

I have spent the past 6th months in the studio kicking my own ass to be a better dancer and teacher.  I have filmed every piece of choreography I have taught in all my classes.  This is the first time I have rigorously documented these things.  If these movement studies are lucky, they make their way into my work.  So many of them over the years have been lost.  I could look at them as a sort of brain/body storming, on the road to finding the things that interest me. So far, it is proving to be highly useful, but so many tapes…

In addition to being the the studio 6 hours a week, improvising and making movement,I have been training twice a week with Eric Pranzarone.  I feel like I am in college again because of how much I am learning about the body from this man.  If you are looking for results and fascinating information from a brilliant scientific mind, I cannot say enough good things about Eric. Here is his website (No connection to Spectrum Dance Theater.)

I also study yoga with Douglas Ridings at 8 Limbs Yoga on Capital Hill twice a week.  I have known Douglas as a dancer and performer for a decade and I have studied with him for 2 years now.  I used to hate yoga and I love it now because of Douglas.

In other excited news, a string of small scale projects and performances are coming up for me between now and October.  Dates are still being worked out, but they include Kathleen Hermesdorf from San Francisco, Reggie Watts, the City Arts Festival, a dance film out at Smoke Farm, and more…

Peace out.