Amy O works with Daniel Bernard Roumain on More Music at the Moore!

March 17, 2011

Last weekend, March 11th 2011, I got to perform with some amazing young musicians, 2 badass young dancers, and Daniel Bernard Roumain at the Moore Theater in Seattle.  The program is Seattle Theater Group’s education program for young musicians, like Dance This… is for young dancers.  This year, was the 10th anniversary of More Music, and Daniel Bernard Roumain, DBR, has been the director of the show for 6 years.  He wanted to have a dance element involved this year, so he requested me.  We had 4 days, working from 4-8 pm to put the show together.  It was a fantastic challenge of pulling out what I know and working on the spot as well as finding key moments that were truly appropriate for movement to happen, being that the focus is on the music.  I had a blast and I want to send a big shout out to Jonathan  and Christie for jumping in and being, open, respectful, and professional during the process.  Neither of them freaked  out when we set choreography for one of the sections right before the matinee on Friday. I know both of them from the Young Choreographer’s Lab, a program that I helped start and continue to develop with Liz Young at STG.


I will post video from the show when it is ready, but for now, enjoy this video of DBR playing with Lady Gaga on American Idol.