Amy O awarded 2011 Choreographer in Residence at Velocity Dance Center

January 20, 2011

I love Velocity!  Here is a way you can help Velocity stay in it’s new space.  I did this and I feel good about it.    Keep Velocity Moving.

This year, I will be spending lot’s of time in the studio playing and ruminating on where I am going next as an artist.  So rarely do we get time to do this.  If we want to sustain our career, we have to continually produce without much time in between to process what it is we are actually doing.  I want to create and produce, but without a specific product in mind. I have many ideas and I am excited to have the time and space to try them out without any pressure for them to ever be anything.  I am excited to be around Velocity even more as the organization transitions again when a new Executive Director is hired this Spring.

I have been a part of Velocity in every way imaginable since 1996 when KT and Michele first started out.  In fact, here is a list:

student-audience member-rehearsal space renter-teacher since 2001-administrative assistant-bathroom cleaner- floor refinisher-Bridge Project participant in 2002-self producing artist with locust- Under Construction participant and curator-Strictly Seattle faculty and choreographer 4 times-workshop participant with several out of town guest artists-co-organizer of The Big Bang when Velocity had to move out of Oddfellows-SCUBA choreographer in 2010-and now Choreographer in Residence for 2011.

Wow, that felt awesome to type that out.  I hadn’t done that before.

Velocity is important to me.  It has been a major part of why I stayed in Seattle after graduating form Cornish in 1999.  I knew I would have a place to support and be supported and feel safe to go for being an artist.  An art scene cannot thrive without this.  We go to where we can survive.

I want to help Velocity survive.   This is done by the people that walk into the doors everyday and use the space, as well as those who come and support by seeing shows, volunteering, and donating funds.

But , most importantly, it is ideas and the trying out of those ideas, because most of the time, they  do turn into something.  With the economy as crappy as it is, now is the time for our most outlandish, our most provocative, our most brave ideas to come forth and be heard and put to the test.  This is the nature of evolution and creative revolution!

My goal is to use this blog to post updates on what I am doing in the studio as well as ideas of how you can get more involved with Velocity.

xo Amy O