Cornish College of the Arts Honors Amy O’Neal

April 15, 2014

This year for the first time, Cornish College of the Arts will honor alumni at the Cornish Commencement in May with two new awards, The Distinguished Recent Alumni Award (recipient: Mary Lambert) and the Distinguished Alumni Award. The Distinguished Alumni Award, given to an alumna who is at least 10 years past graduation, will be presented to Amy O’Neal (Cornish Class of 1999).

“We are delighted to honor our distinguished alumni Mary Lambert and Amy O’Neal at this year’s Commencement. Both of these splendid and original artists have made very meaningful contributions to the arts and culture. Through their work, Amy and Mary have made powerful statements about their artistic integrity. Their engagement as artist-citizens will surely inspire our students to imagine their futures with a sense of optimism and rich possibility.” President Uscher, Cornish College of the Arts